As a community of Christian parents, teachers, and supporters, drawn together from many churches, we believe we are called to provide an education for our children which acknowledges the sovereignty of God, the Lordship of Christ, the authority of God's Word and the power of the Holy Spirit in all of life.

At JKCS, our families are active, engaged participants in our school life.

Our school is renowned for its strong sense of community. We foster connections between our families through meaningful events and celebrations held throughout the year.

We encourage families to join us for fellowship and fun at one of our special events:

  1. School BBQ (September)

  2. Potluck Family Breakfasts (September, October, January)

  3. Celebration of Missions (October)

  4. Celebration Dinner (November)

  5. Celebration of Learning (April)

  6. Grandfriends Day (April)

  7. Celebration of the Arts (May)

  8. Annual Golf Tournament (June)

Parents are essential to the direction of our school, and are encouraged to serve on the Board and/or Committees. Parents are welcome participants in a variety of school activities, including recess supervision, sporting events, field trips, and special class activities.

Volunteering is an integral part of the JKCS Community. Through a special program, called Get Involved For The Students (GIFTS), we strive to match parent volunteers with roles that suit their talents and passions. Each JKCS family is required to volunteer with one or more GIFTS roles over the course of the school year.