Memories, meaningful moments, and words of wisdom.

Passionate educators who practice what they preach.

We are the Henein family and it is our sincere pleasure to share with you why we chose John Knox Christian School over other schools to send our children to.  

We have been with John Knox since my oldest daughter was in kindergarten. Today, she is in grade 3 and her sister is in grade 1, and the experience has been nothing short of amazing! The administration, office and teaching staff are amazing, loving, and are true ambassadors of Christ's love.  They are passionate educators who are always striving to ensure that their students are reaching their full potential academically and spiritually. They practice what they preach. Their encouragement to their students to be everyday disciples is very uplifting.

Staff and students are always participating in community initiatives locally, regionally and internationally. My favourite example of that was when they invited Dr. Mully of the Mully Children's Family in Kenya to share with the students about his organization.

These valuable experiences have led our children to make meaningful connections to their world as well as enriched their growth mindset with the importance of thinking about others. I feel confident that when I send my kids to school that they are surrounded by a fellowship of like-minded individuals who are called to, "do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly before God." Micah 6:8. John Knox truly stands out amongst other Christian schools!!

The Henein Family

We believe in a Christ-centred education.

Our family was introduced to John Knox Christian School more than 15 years ago through our friends. In a world that is increasingly anti-God; we want our children to grow up with a solid Christian foundation, where they are loved beyond measure and will be equipped to be the Lord Jesus’ vessels to share His Love and Life with others. We are truly blessed by all the teachers that our children have had at JKCS. They are not only there to teach with excellence, but to love the children that have been entrusted to them. They are instrumental in being Jesus to our children.

Our daughter, Rachel started in junior kindergarten at JKCS, went on to attend King’s Christian Collegiate and will be in her second year at Redeemer Christian University this coming September. She is doing a double major in Math and Arts in the concurrent Bachelor of Education program with the goal of becoming a High School Teacher. Our son Matthew is graduating Grade 8 and will be attending King’s this coming September. Our youngest Josiah will be in Grade 6 this September at JKCS.

We believe in a Christ-Centred education and love what the Lord is doing through JKCS in equipping our children to ignite wonder for God, neighbour and creation! We will be part of the JKCS community long after our children are through at JKCS.

The Quach Family

We feel God's presence every time we enter the school.

We heard about JKCS from a friend. When we first stepped in the building, we felt that it was different from any other school, even Christian ones.

Since we joined the school, we became a part of a big Christian family. The kids felt welcomed by the teachers and the other children. We feel God’s presence every time we enter the school, the teachers are good examples for the kids, and the Bible teaching helps our kids have a strong Biblical foundation for their life.

Academically, it’s an amazing school. Our older son felt competent when he joined high school with no struggles. Our sons are athletes. The school was a very good environment for them to compete, showing God’s heart to others and high level of competition following Christian manners.

We are really blessed by this school and by having such wise, understanding, and loving principal and teachers.
The Espiro Family

The knowledge they gain in these years
will stay with them forever.

Growing up, I was blessed enough to be able to attend John Knox for two years. In that time, I knew that whenever I had my own kids, they would attend John Knox as well. 

 There’s a feeling that only parents know. 

Only a parent can understand the feeling of knowing that your child is being taught, loved, and nurtured by the hands and feet of Jesus. There is something so special about picking my child up from school, and hearing that he learned about Jesus. I’m constantly amazed at how much he’s learning in Math and English, but the most important thing is how much he is learning about Jesus. He sees Jesus woven through every course. There’s nothing more important.

When the learning environment is positive, children are able to learn happily. The knowledge they gain in these years will stay with them forever. I can say from personal experience, the biblical lessons I learned during my short time at John Knox have been etched into my heart and I will never forget them. 

John Knox has blessed me so much throughout my life. As a student - it has given me lasting memories, friendships, and knowledge. But as a parent, it has given me so much more. It’s given me the joy of knowing my child is thriving and growing in the love of Jesus every day. 

 It’s given me that feeling that only parents know. 

 Colleen and Michael Thiessen