[Our] experience has been nothing short of amazing! The administration, office and teaching staff are amazing, loving, and are true ambassadors of Christ's love.  They are passionate educators who are always striving to ensure that their students are reaching their full potential academically and spiritually. They practice what they preach. Their encouragement to their students to be everyday disciples is very uplifting.
--The Henein Family--
In Ontario, the education of children in a parentally-involved, independent Christian school requires financial support from parents/guardians.

Tuition fees cover most of the cost of educating our students. A small portion of the annual budget is raised through rental income and donations from parents and the larger Christian community.


1 part-time JK or SK student (Mon/Wed/Fri)


1 full-time student (JK - grade 8)


2 student family


3 student family


4+ student family


$265 per family (paid yearly)

Please see the International Student Program page for more details.


Transportation Fee:

Families requiring bus transportation pay a fee of $2,700.

Capital Assessment:

A one-time, non refundable, $2,500 capital assessment fee is levied to all new families enrolling their children at JKCS.

The capital assessment fee shares the cost of the physical structure of John Knox between generations. The capital assessment fee also assists in the repayment of long-term indebtedness. Payment of the capital assessment is required upon enrollment.

Grade 6, 7, 8 Fee:

An education fee of $1,010 is levied on our senior grades (6-8) to cover the cost of specialized music and arts instruction, leadership programs, and educational trips..

GIFTS Program Fee:

Volunteering is an important part of the JKCS community. All families are expected to volunteer approximately 30 hours during the school year by committing to one volunteer job. The GIFTS Catalogue of Volunteer Jobs contains a complete list of volunteer jobs.

Families that are unable to volunteer may opt out of the program for an additional fee of $1,000.


If you have a student in an affiliated, private Christian high school, as well as children at JKCS, you may receive up to a 5% bursary on your tuition. Bursary applications must be completed by March 31 for the upcoming school year. Contact us to learn more: 905-829-8048.


  1. Entire tuition paid at once, with a 1% reduction (paid before August)

  2. Ongoing, 12 monthly pre-authorized bank payments

The John Knox Christian School Society of Mississauga (JKCS) is a registered charity. Donation receipts will be issued for tuition paid over and above the cost of education.