For daily wear and physical education classes, JKCS students are required to wear school uniforms.

Our school uniform supplier is InSchoolwear, located at 886 Sinclair Road in Oakville.
All JKCS school uniforms must be purchased through InSchoolwear. If you are purchasing items online, our school code is: 


  • Short sleeve and long-sleeve white Polo with the official school logo

  • Short sleeve maroon with official school logo (long sleeve maroon shirts will be available in January 2019)

  • All shirts MUST feature our official school logo

  • No other shirts are permitted. (eg. Shirts featuring other logos OR plain white shirts)


  • All school uniform bottoms must be provided by InSchoolwear.

  • No other brands of navy bottoms should be worn.


  • Kilts (grade 5-8) and jumpers (grade JK-4) are available to order from InSchoolwear.

  • The current kilts and jumpers are identical to those previously provided by our former school uniform supplier. Girls may wear kilts and jumpers previously purchased, as long as they fit the student.


  • If wearing kilts or jumpers, BLACK KNEE HIGH SOCKS OR BLACK TIGHTS ONLY are MANDATORY.

  • Knee-high socks and black tights must be purchased from InSchoolwear

  • Any brand of ANKLE SOCK (navy or white ONLY) may be worn with navy pants, shorts, or skorts.


  • V-neck Burgundy sweaters purchased from InSchoolwear (with the JKCS logo) will be available in January 2019.


  • Only Hoodies branded with the official school LOGO from InSchoolwear may be worn. All other JKCS hoodies may not be worn. (including EAGLES hoodies previously purchased)


  • Each student needs TWO pairs of shoes. One pair is for gym use and indoor wear. The other pair is for outdoor use.

  • Students must have proper running shoes that can be tied (laces/velcro) securely to avoid injury. Shoes that make black marks on the floors should not be worn at school.

  • Shoes can express individuality and do not need to be a particular colour.


  • Gym shorts are black with the school LOGO

  • Gym shirt is grey with Eagles logo.

  • Gym uniforms must be purchased from InSchoolwear.


JKCS is pleased to offer a used school uniform store, where parents may purchase gently used school uniforms.
Located in the upper mezzanine, this store is operated by parent volunteers.
To learn more about the used uniform store, including days and hours
of operation, please contact the school office at: 

If you have any questions or concerns about the school uniform policy, please contact Vice Principal Steve Cruickshank at scruickshank@jkcs-oakville.ca or 905-849-8048 ext. 223.