Chapel is held on Monday mornings.  Chapel time is meant to praise the Lord and build community among the student body.  

Our weekly chapels are intentional. They prepare our students to:

  • develop a deep relationship with our Lord

  • strengthen their faith journey

  • gain Biblical truths

  • create a servant heart

The time we spend together in chapel helps our students flourish in character as they collaborate and share their hearts with others.  

Each year, a Bible verse serves as a theme for our school. On Monday mornings, we gather together as a school and explore a different aspect of this Bible verse through worship, videos, speakers, discussions, and prayer.

Our school is divided into 20 “tribes.” During chapel, our students enter the school gymnasium and gather into their tribes. The tribes sit in the same place each week.

Each tribe consists of between 12 to 15 multi-age students and one teacher. Older students act as mentors towards the younger students (or “mentees”). We believe that combining students of different ages creates a strong sense of belonging and fosters positive social relationships. Our senior students develop leadership skills and a sense of responsibility to be a good mentor to the younger students. When our younger students experience a kind and caring senior student, they gain the necessary qualities to be good mentors as well.

Each chapel features short lessons about our theme. These lessons are followed by a mentor and mentee discussion.

Chapel is a wonderful way to start the week, and JKCS parents are always welcome to join us!