Kingdom Ambassadors

At JKCS, we are training up the next generation of Kingdom Ambassadors. Our goal is to equip and empower our students to make a difference in the world on behalf of God's Kingdom. 

We believe that God has endowed our students with unique gifts, talents, and passions that can be used in His service. Like Paul, we are God's "chosen instruments," and our mission is to bring others to faith in Jesus Christ.

Here are some thoughts from our students on what it means to be a Chosen Instrument or Kingdom Ambassador.

by Carolina Santos, Grade 7

Earlier this year I got to choose the instrument I wanted to play. I decided to play the guitar. I always thought the guitar was cool and sounded beautiful. When I received the guitar at first, it wasn’t very easy to play. It would take me five minutes to tune the guitar so it would sound just right and I didn’t even know how to play a note. But as time progressed and with Ms. Bond’s help, I learned how to play the guitar note by note. Just how I picked an instrument to play

God also picks instruments to play. Well, not actual instruments. God picks us to play His song of salvation. He wants us to tell others about Him and what His son the Lord Jesus did for us at Calvary.

Sometimes, just as my guitar needs to be tuned, I need to be tuned. I don’t always know what to do or how to play, but I don’t need to worry because God will tell me how. He tunes me like a guitar and allows me to play the right music for Him.

I feel as if God has called me to be a Kingdom Ambassador and sing his song in a few different ways. One way God has specifically called me to be a Kingdom Ambassador is by putting me in many situations where I have the opportunity to tell others about Him and His work. For example, last year I decided to spread the word of God by writing letters to different people in my neighbourhood. These letters talked about God’s amazing gift and where they could explore it at a church!

Being a Kingdom Ambassador means to lead others and guide them into the kingdom of God. This also means talking to friends and maybe even family, like cousins or uncles, about God and his great gift! It is like God reaches out His hand and says “would you like to join the journey...the journey with me”. You need to choose to say “yes I'll do it!” and know that God will guide you. He selected you to spread his message. Matthew 29:18 says “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” I have tried my best to be a good Kingdom Ambassador and spread His word of love, peace and joy! 

by Marcus Mikhail, Grade 8

As an instrument of God, we are called to be Kingdom ambassadors. There are missions on this earth that are required of us, and God is the one who calls us to them. We are not the ones completing this mission, but it is God’s works through us that makes us instruments of God for his plans. We must devote our lives to God that we may become his instruments to shine the light of God to the world. 

I have surrendered my life to God. I’m ready for any mission/challenge that arises, and that God will fulfill his plan through his instrument (me). In that, we should be Kingdom ambassadors. We should represent God as messengers to show the world the light of God (Christianity). It may not always be preaching the word of God to people, but it may be showing the love of God which represents God and his Kingdom. 

We are Kingdom ambassadors for a reason. To become Christians, or to build our way to God, we have to trust and have faith. If angels came down to tell us the word of God, it wouldn’t need a lot of trusting (they just saw the angels of God). But, one needs to have faith in the Lord to come to the Lord. I feel that God has planned for us to be on this earth to bring those who trust. I feel that I am put between people so that when God wants to help, I may be one representative for him to fulfill his good works toward them. Same for me, if God needs to show something to me, another individual may show the works of God to bring me closer to him. 

The definition of being a Christian isn’t just “believing”, but it is one who trusts in God as their God saviour. The servant team is an example of being an Instrument of God. In this term, we aren’t here just for the reason of helping, or receiving a thank you. We are showing the love of God through his works from his people (he made us). Our bodies allows us to do many things for God, but it can also be used against his God if we use it wrongly. And by our works, one may see God through us and trust him. 

Being a chosen instrument of God, means we have roles and responsibilities to represent God and his Kingdom. I have a commitment to represent God in the right way. I have been chosen to be an instrument and an ambassador for God. As I got older, I began to understand life. It isn’t just the sins/deeds we do that matter on earth, its our role (Kingdom ambassador). God places obstacles in our way, but he also places opportunities for us to find our way to him. Many times, these signs may be coming from other people (representing God). 

Let us look for God’s call to us to become instruments for him. We were chosen to represent God. We are kingdom ambassadors.