Parents Who Pray

By Suzanne Mak, JKCS Parent

Prayer is an important and a vital part of Christian life. For those who are a part of the Parents Who Pray Team, it is a blessings, honour, and privilege to directly come before the Lord with praise and thanksgiving, to lift up prayers and petitions for our school community to Him. It is a way to serve the JKCS community in seeking through prayer God's favour and blessing for our school.

Everyone is welcome to join the Parents Who Pray Team! Moms, Dads, Grandparents. Parents Who Pray meet at 9:30 am on Monday mornings, right after Chapel.  Depending on the number of prayer items submitted, the prayer meeting usually ends at 10:30 - 11:00 am.

Prayer and praise items are shared with the group. The leader then opens the time of prayer by reading a few Scripture passages to focus everyone’s minds and hearts on the Lord. Then, each parent is free to pray as they are led by the Holy Spirit.

Members of the Prayer Team receive prayer requests from Principal George Petrusma (prayer items directly associated with the running of the school) or from the JKCS office staff (prayer items about the JKCS community). Some prayer request are sent directly to the Prayer Team via confidential email.

Parents Who Pray are privileged to have the opportunity to keep students and the JKCS community in constant prayer before God. Parents Who Pray are front row witnesses to some incredible answers to prayer. They are also witness to the abundant blessings He has poured out onto our school and onto our children over the years.

Parents Who Pray offers a way to serve, to journey together, and to keep our children and JKCS in constant prayer before God. If you have time in your Monday morning--even if it is only one Monday morning during the school year!--please come and join Parents Who Pray.

To learn more about Parents Who Pray, or to submit a prayer request, please email