Prayer Team

Students in grades 3-8 are invited to join the JKCS Prayer Team.

The Prayer Team meets once each week throughout the school year. Students learn how prayer is a direct communication with our Lord and an important part of our spiritual journey. These students are the prayer warriors for our school! They receive prayer requests from the student body and pray for them. Members of the Prayer Team also partner up and pray for our staff members. They will pray over groups, speakers, and individuals who visit our school. They also lead the school in different prayer activities, including our annual Prayer at the Pole event.

As part of the Prayer Team,  students will learn the different aspects of prayer, and how the Lord answers prayers. They will learn to be comfortable praying out loud in a group, a crowd, and during chapel. It is our sincere hope that students who serve on the Prayer Team will learn prayer skills they will use throughout their life.