Chosen Instruments

JKCS Families Making a Difference In the Lives of Others

Covid-19 has been tough! Many of us have experienced difficulties, hardships, disappointments, fear, anxiety, and a variety of other emotions. Together as a world, we have all experienced the hardships of this pandemic.

But, as Christians, we have our God who is in control of all things and who is with us every step of the way. This being a new experience, we have had to learn to trust God and allow Him to minister to us through the hardships and the emotional rollercoaster of this time.

For the past 13 years, the John Knox Servant Team has served the community each month. This small band of senior student volunteers has made a difference to the many people we served. It has changed our students’ hearts! It has also changed the hearts of those who experienced the light of Jesus through our students.

During this time, God is asking us to continue to shine the light of Jesus and make a difference in the lives of others. Due to COVID-19, it was hard to move forward. We wondered, how can we do this as a JKCS family? But the Lord has been tugging at our hearts to continue to be “Kingdom Ambassadors” during our school year. 

We responded to God's call by launching a community-wide effort called “Chosen Instruments-Making a Difference.”

Our goal is to serve in the community as families or “social bubbles,” always making sure we are staying safe during COVID-19!

Join us as we pray to support many struggling families during this time!

A Year of Kingdom Work!