Growth Mindset

At JKCS, we encourage our students, teachers, and staff to embrace a growth mindset. We want to motivate our students to seek out new challenges, to be inspired by the success of others, to persist when they encounter stumbling blocks, and to develop a lifelong love of learning.

When faced with a challenge, we don’t want our students to say, “I can’t do this task.” Instead, we want our students to say, “I can’t do this task YET.” We encourage our teachers and staff to invest in continuing education, and to try new things.

This approach to mindset is consistent with what we learn from Scripture. Biblical accounts of people like Moses and the disciples Peter and Paul, show us ordinary people who faced seemingly impossible challenges, and through perseverance and faith in the Lord, were able to grow and succeed. As Christians, we are empowered by Scripture and the Holy Spirit to trust that growth is achievable no matter what.

Embracing growth mindset as a key element of our journey to graduation allows us to nurture future Christian leaders with a passion for learning. In doing so, we help our students discover how they can best use their God-given talents and gifts in service to the Lord.