Student Support Services

JKCS is an inclusive school that recognizes the diversity that exists within God's children.

Our school is committed to providing a positive learning environment for children with exceptionalities. We strive to nurture the unique needs and talents of each child with exceptionalities. This occurs in different settings: individual or small group settings, sometimes in the regular classroom, and sometimes withdrawn from the classroom. We are committed to meeting the academic and social needs of each student to the best of our ability, so that each child may feel like an important, integral part of the classroom community.

The JKCS Literacy Support program teaches students using the Orton-Gillingham approach. The introduction of letters and sounds is systematic, following a comprehensive scope and sequence. Using explicit instruction, students practice phonological awareness, phonics, spelling, reading and writing skills. The lessons are repetitive to ensure the mastery of each skill before introducing a new concept. The students are assessed frequently and instruction is based on their results. 

Students work individually or in small groups in the Student Support Services Room. The Literacy Support teacher works closely with the homeroom teacher to ensure consistency of curriculum expectations. As well, the Literacy Support teacher communicates regularly with the parents providing an update of the weekly lessons.

Specialized Services