Pricing and Policies

Enrollment in the Before and After School Program (BASC) requires that you have read and agree to abide by the following terms and polices:

1. All students must be registered in the BASC program before coming to their first session. To register, email Or, phone 905-829-8048. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE WITH YOUR CHILD(REN)'S TEACHER.

2. Please sign up your child NO LATER THAN 4:00 PM the evening before care is required. Early registration ensures all teachers, office staff, and BASC workers receive your request.

3. If there is a different person picking up the child(ren) than originally organized, the school must be contacted. Call 905-829-8048 ext. 0 and provide the name of the person picking up your child. You MUST speak with someone in the JKCS office. Do NOT leave a voicemail message. If you need to provide this information after the office closes at 4:00 pm, please email BASC at Students must be SIGNED IN to BASC in the mornings, and they must be SIGNED OUT by the adult picking them up at the end of the day.

4. Daily Fee Schedule as follows IF BOOKED A MINIMUM OF 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE:

Before School Care $17.50 $23.00 $29.00
After School Care $23 $29.00 $35.00

Discount rates for occasional (ad hoc) users:

  • 5% for 5-9 sessions attended in one month
  • 10% for 10-19 sessions attended in one month
  • 20% for 20+ sessions attended in one month

6. Last Minute Reservations: Any registered family may make a reservation before the end of the school day by calling the office at 905 829 8048 x 0 and talking to an office administrator who can confirm the arrangement in person. Please do NOT leave a message.

7. Late Pick-Up Fee: There is a late pick up fee for any parent who arrives after 6:00 p.m.

  • 1-15 minutes = $11.00 per family
  • 16-30 minutes = an additional $16.50 per family
  • 31 minutes + = an additional $22.00 per family per 15 minute time interval thereafter 

8. Billing and receipts will be managed on a monthly basis by the JKCS finance office. All payments and inquires with regards to billings and receipts should be directed to Alta Van Niekerk at 905 829-8048 x 225.

9. All other JKCS policies will remain in effect while children are in the program.

  • School Code of Conduct
  • Uniforms (unless it is a PD Day, when uniforms are not required)
  • Accidents
  • Closing for Inclement Weather
  • Electronic Equipment (cell phones, MP3 players, etc.)
  • Out of Bounds