Be A Blessing Campaign

As Christians, we are called to show love to one another and to carry each other's burdens. The JKCS Bursary Program is one of the ways our school community answers God’s call.

Through our Bursary Program, we provide tuition assistance to families who could not otherwise afford to send their children to JKCS. This financial gift helps offset a portion of the tuition fees for families who are experiencing financial hardship arising from unemployment, illness, and other challenges. 

Economic fallout from the COVID pandemic has affected some JKCS families. Consequently, calls on our bursary funds are greater than ever. We have never needed our Christian school community to help shoulder one another’s burdens as we have during these pandemic times.  

This year, we hope to raise $100,000 to provide tuition assistance to families in our school community. 

CLICK HERE to learn more about our Bursary Fund Campaign and why this fundraiser matters so very much to our school community.

"Yet who knows whether you have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this."  Esther 4:14

Our Be A Blessing Campaign is inspired by this passage from the Book of Esther. Clearly, God has plans for you during this time of COVID, lockdowns, and financial hardship. Please prayerfully consider whether God is calling you to help provide a Christian education for students at our school. Your prayers and your contributions will make a meaningful difference in the lives of JKCS families. 

The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be felt in our school community. Calls on our Bursary Fund have increased as more families than ever seek tuition assistance. 

If you feel God calling you to support our Bursary Program, you may do so here:


You may make a ONE-TIME BLESSING

You may choose the monthly donation option to be a CONTINUAL BLESSING in the lives of Christian families in our school community.