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We thank God for his faithful provisions over the years. We thank Him for the staff, parents, alumni and our broader community; all continue to play a part in stewarding continued Christian education. As stewards of the gifts we receive from our supporters, we administer these gifts in order to honour the Lord.

We look to families--past, present, and future--to help us to meet our ongoing financial obligations. Your gift is an investment in the lives of JKCS students, and hope for future generations.

If you would like to contribute, you can donate directly through Paypal using either your credit or debit card.  (When calculating your donation, please bear in mind that there is a small processing fee charged that will be deducted from the amount we receive.  We believe this fee is insignificant in relation to the added convenience online donation offers to our donors.)

Thank you for your continued support of our school! If you provide your contact information along with your donation, we will ensure you receive a charitable donations receipt.

You may choose from two funds: General Donation OR Bursary Program. Simply select the fund you wish to support, and click the "Donate" button.

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